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World Championship for under 18 years old, with the participation of 460 competitors from 48 country

Between 15-21.08.2022, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the World Championship for under 18 years was held, with the participation of 460 competitors from 48 countries.

Bulgaria won two medals - one silver and one bronze, in the age group "boys and girls" (16-17 years old).

On 22.08.2022 Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Petar Georgiev received the medalists - Svetoslav Ivanov (world vice-champion in cat. 65.8 kg) and Stefani Petrova (bronze medalist in cat. 47.7 kg), the coach of the national team and personal trainer of the two - Svetoslav Zhelev, and the president of BF MMA - Stanislav Nedkov.

"I congratulate you on the successes that are the fruit of your hard work. I wish you to be healthy so that you can continue to compete and achieve even greater victories," said Deputy Minister Georgiev to the medal winners.

For his part, the president of BF MMA Stanislav Nedkov said:

"I am extremely happy and satisfied with the performance of Stephanie, who went through a lot of trials to get to this medal. Shortly before the competition, she suffered from the coronavirus, two days before the fights, while struggling with the weight, she suffered a heatstroke, and during the competition, she injured one of her hands, which prevented her from continuing in the fight for the gold.

Svetoslav Ivanov reached the prestigious second place in the world in one of the most difficult categories in a competition of 30 competitors. Svetlio made extremely attractive matches, for which he received a special award from the hosts, as he narrowly missed out on winning the gold.

I am satisfied with absolutely all our competitors. Most were debutants at a major competition and without international experience, but all of them showed that they carry in them the uncompromising Bulgarian spirit and desire to be among the best in the world. The lesson they learned is that dreams come true with faith in God, with perseverance and with a lot of work."


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