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The past weekend turned into a real celebration for the MMA public in Bulgaria

In compliance with all the recommendations of the health authorities, BF MMA held a State Championship for all age groups in the city of Yambol, in the "Diana" sports hall.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there was no audience, but the energy and desire for success in the record number of participants shows that even in pandemic conditions we do not stop developing.

🥇🥈🥉 During the championship, medal winners in all age groups were awarded.

The president of BF MMA, Stanislav Nedkov, distributed equipment to all participants and clubs, awarded team champions, and best fighters of the championship in the ages under and over 18 years.

The next step for BF MMA is, together with the national and personal coaches, to finalize the national teams for participation in the World Championship in the three age groups up to 18, as well as those for youth and men/women for participation in the European Championship. The two championships will be held this summer in Istanbul, Turkey and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Here is the full ranking from the DLS in Yambol:

Girls – 48,000

1. Yoanna Tochkova (MMA "Spartak" – Kardzhali)

2. Kristiyana Toncheva (MMA "Spartak" – Kardzhali)

Female cadets – 52,000

1. Stefani Petrova (MMA Club Varna)

2. Jovana Jovancic (MMA Shumen)

Female cadets – 62,000

1. Demetra Manolova (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

Cadets -67,000

1. Monika Tochkova (Spartak Kardzhali)

Girls – 47,600

1. Miroslava Dimitrova (MMA Varna)

Girls – 56,700

1. Hristina Dimitrova (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

Girls – 65,800

1. Violeta Starcheva (Beroe Stara Zagora)

Women – 47,600

1. Desislava Hristova (Viking Inns, Varna)

Women - 56,700

1. Thea Arezu (Argus MMA, Kazanlak)

2. Simona Georgieva (Scorpion, Veliko Tarnovo)

Women – 61,200

1. Ayshe Krali (Scorpion, Veliko Tarnovo)

Boys – 34,000

1. Alexander Delchev (Scorpion, Veliko Tarnovo)

Boys – 44,000

1. Hristiyan Tsvetkov (Scorpion, Veliko Tarnovo)

Boys – 48,000

1. Yordan Bizhev (Argus MMA, Kazanlak)

2. Nikolai Bizhev (Argus MMA, Kazanlak)

Boys – 57,000

1. Vesco Mitev (Argus MMA, Kazanlak)

2. Teodor Gonov (Beroe, Stara Zagora)

Boys over 57,000

1. Ivan Gramatikov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

2. Viktor Dimitrov (SK Martial Arts Velingrad)

3. Iliya Akhmedov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

Cadets 44,000

1. Martin Zamfirov (Bi Rial, Sandanski)

Cadets 48,000

1. Martin Zamfirov (SK "Bi Real" Sandanski)

2. Petar Georgiev (Brothers MMA Kazanlak)

3. Yordan Ivanov (MMA Club Varna)

3. Milen Ivanov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

Cadets 52,000

1. Ivelin Minev ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

2. Emre Mihailov (MMA "Spartak" - Kardzhali)

3. Pavel Radev (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

3. Veselin Bekyarov (MMA Club Varna)

Cadets 57,000

1. Polat Mehmed ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

2. Daniel Dimov (Brothers MMA Kazanlak)

3. Vencislav Okishelov (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

3. Tosho Toshev (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

Cadets 62,000

1. Denis Mumun (MMA "Spartak" - Kardzhali)

2. Teodor Markov (Brothers MMA Kazanlak)

3. Krasimir Nedkov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

Cadets 67,000

1. Georgi Georgiev (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

2. Ivan Parvanov (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

3. Daniel Kolev ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

Cadets 72,000

1. Ventsislav Mihailov (MMA Club Varna)

2. Emre Sabri ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

3. Stelian Chukurov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

3. Radoslav Angelov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

Cadets over 72,000

1. Hristomir Genov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

2. Yaroslav Mazur (MMA Kombat Lokomotiv, Gorna Oryahovitsa)

3. Svetlio Georgiev (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

3. Myumyun Akif (MMA Haskovo)

Juniors 52.200

1. Enes Mihailov (Spartak Kardjali)

2. Denis Karkov (Beroe Stara Zagora)

Juniors 56,700

1. Doukan Kadir (MMA "Spartak" - Kardzhali)

2. Gancho Ivanov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

3. Kaloyan Diyanov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

Juniors 61,200

1. Shaban Mehmed (MMA "Spartak" - Kardzhali)

2. Kristiyan Atanasov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

3. Kaloyan Georgiev ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

Juniors 65,800

1. Svetoslav Ivanov (MMA Club Varna)

2. Nikolai Atanasov (MMA Kombat Lokomotiv, Gorna Oryahovitsa)

3. Iskren Tsvetkov (Martial Sports Montana)

Juniors 70,300

1. Radostin Georgiev (MMA Varna)

2. Iskren Minkov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

3. Kristian Kanev (Beroe Stara Zagora)

Juniors 77.100

1. Simon Nikitov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

2. Alexander Terziev (SK Martial Arts Velingrad)

3. Blagoi Lachev (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

Juniors 83,900

1. Nikolay Vassilev (Martial Arts Velingrad)

2. Rafael Karaivanov (Archangel Stara Zagora)

Juniors 93,000

1. Nikolai Ognyanov (Archangel Stara Zagora)

Juniors 120.200 kg.

1. Alexander Alexandrov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

2. Nikola Spirdonov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

3. Rosen Marinov (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

Men 52,000

1. Dimitar Petrov (MMA Varna)

Men 56,700

1. Ivan Zhelyazkov (Archangel Stara Zagora)

2. Plamen Dimitrov (Beroe Stara Zagora)

3. Alex Eftimov (Budin Vidin)

Men - 61,200

1. Nikolai Atanasov (Martial Sports Montana)

2. Mikhail Minchev (MMA Kombat Lokomotiv, Gorna Oryahovitsa)

3. Nesin Nasufov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

3. Alexander Grudev ("Archangel" Stara Zagora)

Men - 65,800

1. Tsvetomir Todorov (Strength Fight Club Vratsa)

2. Borislav Angelov (Cha-Na Veliko Tarnovo)

3. Ali Murtev (Brothers MMA Kazanlak)

3. Denislav Ginov (Martial Sports Montana)

Men - 70,300

1. Nikola Petrov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

2. Miroslav Hristov (Cha-Na Veliko Tarnovo)

3. Viktor Ivanov (MMA Shumen)

3. Georgi Terziev (SK Argus MMA Kazanlak)

Men - 77,100

1. Bozhidar Ivanov (MMA Club Varna)

2. Milen Fetov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

3. Antoine Ivanov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

Men - 83,900

1. Radoslav Ivanov (MMA Club Varna)

2. Ioan Simeonov (Scorpion Veliko Tarnovo)

3. Patrik Dafinov (SK "Budin - MMA" Vidin)

Men - 93,000

1. Nikola Ivanov (Club Beroe, Stara Zagora)

2. Velin Stoyanov (SC "Viking Inns" Varna)

3. Hrisimir Nachev (Fight Club "Strength" Vratsa)

3. Marian Vladimirov (MMA Club Varna)

Men 120,200

1. Pavel Milev (MMA Varna)

2. Momchil Yanchev (Budin Vidin)

Men over 120,200

1. Ivan Ivanov (Budin Vidin)

Boys/Girls Age Group Team Champions: Argus MMA Kazanlak

Team champions in the "cadets" age group: Arkhangel, Stara Zagora

Team champions in the youth/girls age group: Spartak, Kardzhali

Team champions in age group "men/women": MMA Varna



2. SCORPION, Veliko Tarnovo

3. SPARTAC, Kardzhali

Best under-18 fighter: Ivelin Minev (cadets 52,000)

Best fighter over 18: Nikola Petrov (men 70.300)


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