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The Men's, Women's and Youth World Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE have concluded.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, including injuries and positive covid tests, our national team was made up of 4 young men's major championship debutants.

Unfortunately, they fell short of the medals, but gained valuable experience in the most competitive MMA competition in the world.

They say that in order to win, you must learn and lose, because losing, in itself, is a valuable lesson.

However, the Bulgarian MMA Federation left the World Championship with another award - during the Annual IMMAF MMA Awards, BF MMA was awarded a prize for anti-doping training.

This high rating was given because of the anti-doping training that we conducted together with the Anti-Doping Center of Bulgaria during the World Championship for 12-17 year olds in Sofia last year.

The protection of clean sport is a priority for us, and we are happy that the International MMA Federation - IMMAF named the Bulgarian MMA Federation as an example among all its 119 member countries!


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