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IMMAF chose Bulgaria to host the upcoming summer MMA World Championship for children

Dear MMA Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the World MMA Federation - IMMAF has chosen Bulgaria to host the upcoming summer World MMA Championship for children in the three age groups -14, -16, -18.

We at BF MMA accept this decision as a huge recognition of the joint work of all our members.

The World Championship will take place in Sofia between 28.07-02.08.2021. featuring contestants from over 80 countries!

The World Cup will be fully financed by the IMMAF World Federation, without any government support.

Moreover, in a situation of crisis in tourism, more than 600 athletes, coaches and officials will arrive in Bulgaria, who will support the Bulgarian economy.

Stanislav Nedkov - President of BF MMA:

"Thank you to the president of IMMAF, Mr. Kerit Brown, for the vote of confidence in me.

I also thank all colleagues from BF MMA for the enormous efforts they make for the development of MMA in Bulgaria.

I believe that with joint efforts we will be able to turn this hosting into an unforgettable sports holiday for all participants."


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