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Article about the Bulgarian MMA Federation, published on the website of the International MMA

An article about the Bulgarian MMA Federation and its development since its inception, published on the website of the International MMA Federation (IMMAF).

BF MMA and its continued progress has not gone unnoticed.

Our federation is set as an example, as it is one of the first in the world to introduce rules and organize competitions for the under-18 age groups. It also pioneered the introduction of blue and red kit in its state championships, modeled after the IMMAF international competitions.

The "MMA" specialty is studied at the "Vasil Levski" NSA, and the knowledge and skills of the coaches are constantly upgraded.

In November, during the state championship in Dryanovo, the president of BF MMA, Stanislav Nedkov, awarded the first coaches who successfully completed the international coaching course at IMMAF.

Another step the federation is taking to "keep up" with the world standard.


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