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The World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia

The national MMA team of Bulgaria (youth, men and women) ended its participation at the World Championship in Belgrade, Serbia (11-19.02) with one silver and one bronze medal.

Svetoslav Ivanov became the world vice-champion in the 65.8 kg category after four convincing victories and a loss in the final.

Radomir Stoyanov (83.9 kg) won a bronze medal in his debut at a major championship.

Our national team is in the process of renewal and change of generations. With the exception of the team captain Bozhidar Ivanov, our team was composed of 18-19 year old competitors, most of whom participated for the first time at a major international forum.

"I am satisfied with the desire and self-sacrifice of most of our fighters, who in the fierce competition of nearly 600 competitors from all over the world represented our homeland with dignity. Despite the lack of experience and the tender age of our competitors, the two medals won and the rankings in the top ten of Plamen Dimitrov, Georgi Petrov, Kolyo Kolev, Viktor Dimitrov, Kostadin Hristov and Thea Arezu give us reasons for joy and hope that in a year or two again we will have a Bulgarian MMA world champion. I congratulate Svetlio and Rado for winning medals. I thank their personal and national coaches Svetoslav Zhelev, Ivaylo Georgiev and Denyo Pavlov for a job well done" - stated the president of BF MMA, Mr. Stanislav Nedkov

Thank God for everything!


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