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Martin Petkov became the MMA world champion

Bulgarian became world champion in MMA. Martin Petkov triumphed with the gold in the category up to 77 kg at the world championship for cadets and juniors in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

On the way to the world title, the 15-year-old fighter from SK "Beroe" (Stara Zagora) successfully passed the representative of the hosts Zayed Alhosani, German Gildeman (Estonia) and Timur Sudan (Ukraine), and in the final he prevailed over Salem Alhamud from the UAE. with all wins being unanimous decision wins.

"Marty played his fights extremely wisely and maturely for his age and is well deserved world champion. I congratulate him and wish him to maintain his perseverance and the desire to always give his best. Congratulations to his parents and his personal trainer, Ivaylo Georgiev, for raising a modest, but hardworking and determined young man, who at such a young age is already built as an almost perfect fighter," said the chairman of the Bulgarian MMA Federation, Stanislav Nedkov.

"I thank all my friends who support us from the bottom of my heart! I thank the Bulgarian MMA Federation and its president Stanislav Nedkov for the trust!" Martin Petkov's coach - Ivaylo Georgiev - wrote on Facebook.

The championship was honored by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khaled bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

* in the picture are world champion Martin Petkov and his personal trainer Ivaylo Georgiev

* and here Martin Petkov was awarded by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khaled bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.


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