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--- Establishment---


Bulgarian MMA Federation (BULMMAF) is a non-government sports organization that is licensed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports since 29.12.2014.


President of BULMMAF is Stanislav Nedkov - Stucky, a former fighter in the largest MMA organization in the world - UFC, and the first Bulgarian to win there. In 2015, Stanislav Nedkov was also elected as a President of the Balkan MMA Federation . Currently, there are 25 clubs members in the BULMMAFs, covering almost all the regional centers in the country. BULMMAF is a full member of the International MMA Federation IMMAF.


--- Achievements ---


Since getting the license in 2014 up to the end of 2020,  Bulgarian national team managed to win 322 international medals from World, European and Balkan Championships in all age groups.


Since 2015 in a row , BULMMAF is a team champion of the Balkans. BULMMAF is the first MMA organization in the world to introduce rules and give children from the age of 12 the opportunity to practice and compete in one of the most popular sports in the world.


--- Mission ---


BULMMAF aims to build, stimulate and support the physical culture of citizens, children, youth and competitors, as well as to promote, develop and contribute to the achievement of high sportsmanship in mixed martial arts of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Since 2015, the subject "MMA" is included and studied in the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski"


--- Activity ---


BF MMA organizes and conducts competitions for professionals and amateurs fighters.


Amateur competitions are aimed at 4 main age groups:


12-13 year old (boys / girls, Youth C)


14-15 year old (cadets, Youth B)


16-17 year old (youts, Youth A)


18+ years old (men / women, Siniors and Juniors),


BULMMAF selects, organizes and manages the preparation of national teams in all age bands and represents the Republic of Bulgaria at all international professional and amateur competitions and events.


--- Participation in IMMAF Commissions ---


After the General Assembly of IMMAF in November 2019, for the first time in the governing structures of the International Federation are included Bulgarian representatives, represented by the President of BULMMAF, Stanislav Nedkov and the General Secretaryl of BULMMAF, Veronica Nalbatska.


Stanislav Nedkov was elected as Chairman of the Youth Development Commission and was pointed as a member of the IMMAF Disciplinary Committee.


Veronika Nalbatska is a member of the IMMAF Anti-Doping Commission and the Woman Commission.

Станислав Недков - Стъки, пресконференци
Станислав Недков - Стъки, BULMMAF, UFC
Българска федерация по ММА - BULMMAF, сн
Българска федерация по ММА - BULMMAF, сн
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